About Us

SPURTHI MEDITEK HEALTH SERVICES PVT LTD  has been launched with an aim to make quality Healthcare accessible to everyone.

With the help of technology, we intend to bring good health and wellness within the reach of everybody. We are working towards building a comprehensive healthcare platform that will help in the areas of preventive & curative healthcare and overall wellness for individuals and corporates.

By connecting Healthcare and wellness professionals, Diagnostic labs and other medical service providers through a robust solution, we believe we can ensure quality healthcare delivery in a simplified manner.

Our management team consists of professionals from Insurance sector (Both Life & General), Core Health care industry (Diagnostic centers) & TPA service providers. Thanks to the diversity in their experience and expertise, we have been able to create an all-round team that is always thriving to provide best in class services to our clients.

Our team of experienced professionals are always on a look out for opportunities to exceed customer expectations by innovating new solutions that improve operational efficiency and exceed quality benchmarks.

Our Vision :

Our vision is to create a customizable, high quality Health administrative platform that can be utilized by all the stakeholders and individuals

Our Mission :

Our mission is to offer customized, cost effective and best in class health care services to our customers that ensures convenience to them.